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Based in Perth Western Australia.
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Graduated Year 12 at Trinity College in 2013 with an ATAR of 90.05

Graduated at Curtin University in 2017
Double-major in Digital Design and Visualisation Technologies

Based in Perth, WA

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044 999 8160

Uni Share Car View Full Project

Wordpress CMS (PHP & MySQL)

This PHP based website app was created in WordPress from a university project brief which required a Content Management System to be set up for a university car rental service. The website is not fully responsive as it was made to be a desktop site focused on functinality and setting up the site to be taken over by a future admin. The WordPress CMS uses a variety of categories, including taxonomies and custom fields which allow the admin to easily add new vehicle entries into the site without having to write any code.

Curtin Library App
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(Unity Player May Not Be Compatible with Chrome)

Unity3D Application (Javascript & Microsoft Excel)

This data-visualisation was made alongside Shawn Flett as a university project. The app visualises the population of the Curtin Library using data based off an excel file. The app shows the relationship between different environmental factors; such as temperature and humidity, and the current number of students using the library, with the data using 15 minute intervals.

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